The Philosophy

The Shock Philosophy Special Report: A Mindset for Massive ManifestationThe principles of the SHOCKphilosophy™ is a transformational methodology that identifies and neutralizes deep-seated, unconsciousness identities, beliefs and behaviors that stifle or sabotage our current and future success. There is an adage that says, ‘If we knew better, we would do better.’ What if you thought you knew, but didn’t?What if there are unconscious tapes and programs running in your subconscious that only play when you are near a success or a decision that could positively impact the rest of your life? What if those tapes caused you to hurt the ones you love; to talk yourself out of your greatness; sabotage great opportunities and relationships? What if you had a Spiritual Technology that went into your subconscious programming like an anti viruses virus program and identified, neutralized those subconscious programs that are not serving your highest good and aligned you with your purpose and mission in life?

Enter the SHOCKphilosophy™ (Seeking Higher Omnipotent Conscious Knowledge™) — a philosophy and methodology that creates quantum results in all areas of your life. The SHOCKphilosophy™ shocks you into a mindset from hope to how; from why to why not, from positive thinking to a proactive process.

Once you apply and embody the principles of The SHOCKphilosophy™, you will develop a deep level of self-worth, whereby you feel you deserve success, wealth and happiness in life regardless of past mistakes, disappointments and failures.

The SHOCKphilosophy™ jolts you into your true reality and awakens you to the shocking truth of your God-given potential that you are a co-creator with your Creator, and there are no secrets to success and wealth-only unlimited potentials and combinations. Eight high voltage principles, make up the SHOCKphilosophy™ and form the foundation needed to make this and every other success system you’ve purchased or been exposed to work.

Questions the SHOCKphilosophy™ Answers

  • Why has “Positive Thinking” and “Prayer” not created the results I desire?
  • Why do I keep attracting the same unfulfilling experiences and people in my life?
  • Who and what emotional state am I emotionally and chemically addicted to?
  • What patterns of thought, values and judgments am I locked into?
  • Would I like a personal philosophy that scientifically teaches me how to succeed regardless of my past failures?
  • Have I ever been persecuted for asking deeper questions about God and religion?
  • Are there questions my current faith can’t answer and why am I here?
  • Have I lost hope or faith from organized religion?


Principle One: The Master and the Masses.

Each of us plays the alternating role of Master and masses. For example, you are the Master when you are running your household or are responsible for children; then you become one of the masses while you are waiting in line at the grocery store and the cashier is the Master. But at that level of consciousness, most people have the mentality of the masses and are not living up to their true potential. This lesson shows you how to operate like a Master and create your own unique version of success. The specific traits of Masters are defined, including knowing their own worth; succeeding without permission; being action-oriented, and operating out of inspiration, not desperation. Suggested further reading and exercises show you exactly how to become a Master.

Principle Two: Creation Has Been Created.

No scientist has ever invented an original element of the universe; we can only reproduce and harness what already is and use it to benefit and enlighten us. This means that nothing is missing. Everything we want is already here. Just because you are not experiencing the wealth you desire, for example, does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Everything we want and desire is possible based on the law of conservation-there is always enough, nature will find a way. You cannot dream a dream or desire a desire without the means to achieve it. When you learn to unlock your consciousness and expand it to receive what already is, you move to the next quantum in your consciousness and physical world. As in every lesson , further reading assignments and specific exercises help you expand your consciousness.

Principle Three: Energy Is!

There is no place where infinite divine energy is not. It is what Dr. Deepak Chopra refers to as the probability amplitude or quantum soup. There is literally no spot where God is not, and we are not separate from God. Furthermore, our cosmos is expanding, as two teams of astronomers unexpectedly found in 1998. If the universe is expanding, so is your consciousness! We are part of a never-ending cycle of life and energy that is infinite.

Principle Four: DNA Is What You Are; Deity Is Who You Are.

Your DNA houses all of your negative and positive traits and makes up what you are. But since you are not separate from God, Deity is who you are. Your DNA serves an important survival purpose to keep you safe and in your comfort zones. But it also contains scripts that run on autopilot that seemingly talk you out of your greatness and potential. Your Deity-self represents your entire potentialized self. We are Deity in expression; we are gods and goddesses. You have eternal God-power in you. Every human being has this and can use it to produce heaven or hell. This statement is shocking to your system because with it comes major accountability. You are a walking god or goddess who has the power to experience happiness, wealth and success.

Principle Five: Consciousness Is Energy & Capacity.

Consciousness is having the capacity of God-power and God-potential in your heart, mind and soul; so that when the opportunities arise to expand who you are, you will have the ability to accept and feel deserving of the very thing you desire, rather than sabotage and reject it.

Principle Six: Energy Cannot Be Destroyed.

You cannot destroy a thought or idea, or anything that exists. All is energy and energy can only be transformed. The thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences that no longer serve you, or negatively serve you, can only be changed in vibration, reducing or eliminating their emotional charge and impact in your life. The first step in transforming your less-than-perfect life is in embracing your dysfunction-making it okay to not be okay.

Also based on the fact that energy cannot be destroyed, other people’s negative energy can affect you, and you can become what I call a “ViVi,” or Vibrational Victim, someone who falls prey to other people’s negative opinions and energy. Check your family, friends, colleagues and associates. Are there any negative influences or people in your life who have caused you to feel you are not good enough, worthy enough or smart enough to achieve what you want? Or are you a possible negative influence, either on those around you or on yourself?

Principle Seven: Face a Death & Rebirth.

Facing a death and rebirth is a metaphor for substituting new, updated, efficient behaviors for old, negative thoughts and behaviors. In doing this, not only must we break through our own comfort zones, but we must break free of other people’s negative gravitational pull. In order to do this, you must create what is called a quantum event or quantum leap. Creating a quantum leap begins with creating an intention for yourself. This changes your vibration and, depending on the intensity and consistency of your vibrational charge, you can influence a quantum event that will permanently change your current situation.

Principle Eight: Face Your ANTs, WORMs & Fears.

Okay, you have just attended an inspirational seminar or read a great book on achieving your dreams. But shortly afterward, you get the strong feeling that you can’t be successful-you have a horrible track record; no one in your family has ever succeeded; you’ve never had a successful relationship; people are being laid off. If any of these thoughts ring a bell, you’ve got ANTs, WORMs and fears, and lots of them!

ANTs are the Automatic Negative Thoughts that pop into our head whenever we contemplate taking an action that moves us closer to happiness, wealth and success. ANTs keep us locked into our lower-natured DNA patterns of pain and the negative memories we have of ourselves. WORMs (no acronym) represent deep-seated, subconscious unknown beliefs, behaviors and responses to success and happiness.

They condition and trigger the ANTs. WORMs are subconscious; ANTs are preconscious. When your Deity-self causes you to see a greater possibility in your life, the ANTs and WORMs take over and cause you to sabotage your success. The fact that you don’t have your goal means that there are hidden fears, WORMs and ANTs keeping your goal at bay. If you truly felt deserving of having the goal and were not afraid of the happiness or responsibility of the goal, you would have the goal and there would be no need to read this book.


Ultimate happiness, grace or bliss, should not be hard. The goal is to create as many moments of grace as possible, until it takes over and becomes the natural order of your daily life. The SHOCKphilosophy™ will help you reprogram the current thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back from realizing your potential and greatness.

So, if you are willing to investigate the potential for reprogramming your mental/emotional DNA to recognize, accept and propagate success, engage in The SHOCKphilosophy™ and you will have the systematic tools that will permanently change the way you genetically respond to success and happiness, fear and failure.


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