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Philippe Matthews is the Executive Director of the, a 501c3 dedicated to teaching people HOW to MOVE from the illusion of Hope to the Process of how and reveal the potential for success that resides in every man and woman. He is also an Internet Marketing Technologist and CEO of; an SEO and Social Media Marketing firm near San Francisco.

Philippe is best known as the host of the Philippe Matthews Radio, TV and Blog Show, which has over 500,000 collective listeners, viewers and readers worldwide! As a result of the success of the Philippe Matthews Best Internet TV Show, Philippe Matthews has been touted as the “Oprah of Internet” by co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen.

Philippe Meets Robert T. Kiyosaki

Philippe Meets Stedman Graham

The Philippe Matthews Internet TV Show produces, daily, weekly and monthly content in blog, video and internet radio format and offers advice from world class thought leaders, the best how to advice, self help, interviews, profiles, experts, and authors on the topics of money & finance, personal, professional and spiritual development, beauty and style, love, sex & relationships, technology profiles and reviews and more!


Offering a forum for provocative, intelligent and uplifting dialog, Philippe Matthews says, “I don’t ask questions that are different; I ask questions that make a difference.”

Because of Philippe’s unique Internet Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing experience, the Philippe Matthews Show offers a unique marketing advantage and platform for guests and sponsors of the show. When guests and sponsors come on the show, they receive a powerful SEO, Internet Marketing and SMM campaign that promotes their brand, product and/or service 24/7 through multiple internet channels such as online video, blogging, internet radio and social media.

Philippe has profiled such business leaders and experts as Michael Gerber, Stedman Graham, members of Donald Trump’s Season One of The Apprentice, Kristi Frank, Heidi Bressler, and Jessie Conners. Financial experts such as Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, Sherrin Ross Ingram, Natalie Pace, Ryan Mack, Kim Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter, Dr. Penelope Tzougros and Paul C. Wright. Spiritual leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Carolyn Myss, Iyanla Vanzant, Michael Beckwith, Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon, and Wayne Dyer.

Personal growth and development experts such as Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Susan Taylor, Dr. Denis Waitley, Bob Proctor, Dr. John F. Demartini and Chad Stewart, Dr. Brian King, Dr. Louanne Brizendine, John Bradshaw. Technology and social experts, Marc Ostrofsky, Eric Hamilton, Tammy Fennell, and Animesh Tripathi.

Global icons and entertainers such as Russell Simmons, Denise Matthews, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Beauty and style experts such as Suzanne Somers and supermodel Beverly Johnson. Health and fitness experts such as Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane, Lee Labrada, Lenda Murray, Sharon Bruneau and Carla Dunlap.


Philippe Meets Bill Kurtis


From poverty to prosperity, Philippe Matthews is a native of Chicago, Illinois whose parents divorced by the time he was age 6. By the time Philippe was 10 years old, his mother was told by doctors that she only had three to four months to live. Philippe dropped out of school to take care of his ailing mother while his older sister worked to support the family.

Philippe’s mother began reading an inspirational journal called the “Daily Word” and found a church near their home that his family began attending during their mother’s illness. The church was Christ Universal Temple, headed by the Reverend Doctor Johnnie Colemon and Philippe mother lived another four years versus four months!

One night while taking a shower, Philippe heard his sister screaming. He rushed out only to find his mother gasping for air. As he held her in his arms praying, she took her last breath and made her transition. At that moment, Philippe made three promises to his mother, “1) I will never get involved in gang activity, 2) I will never do drugs, and 3) I will make something of my life that you would be proud of.”

Their phone and lights had been disconnected so Philippe had to ask a neighbor to call an ambulance to retrieve his mother and to ask if he could call his father and tell him what happened. His father, a plumber, who he had not seen since he was 6 years old, came back into Philippe’s life at a pivotal time but only after two months of having his father back in his life, one day after helping his father work, his father got out of his car and literally dropped dead while Philippe helplessly watched.

Devastated, Philippe called his sister and told her the news and his long journey of self discovery began. Despite the dire and stressful circumstances of his life, Philippe made good on the promises he made to his mother and did not allow himself to fall prey to the pitfalls of the environment that ensnared so many of his peers.

Instead, he forged ahead through life constructively, striving to achieve success in whichever milieu he found himself. From his introduction to the workplace a cook for KFC, Philippe enrolled in cosmetology school and soon went on to become a hair and makeup technician in the entertainment industry, which led him to the editorial sector of beauty industry publishing, which allowed him to become the first Beauty Editor for Upscale Magazine out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Despite his success as a beauty industry writer, Philippe felt another calling and it was at this critical juncture that he shifted from motivating people about their appearance to motivating them period. After taking this pivotal step, Philippe has not looked back—rather, he has grown and flourished as a multi-media motivational force.

Philippe launched a successful speaking career, traveling worldwide with his message of how to train the brain; eradicate the mental mindset and effects of generational poverty by initiating proactive personal and professional empowerment. Philippe also serves as a Personal Coach to private clients on a consultant basis which is where he developed the nickname “The SHOCKcoach,” which is the acronym for Seeking Higher Omnipotent Conscious Knowledge!


Philippe Meets Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley


In 1999, he launched a highly successful ezine which gave him the impetus to launch the Philippe Matthews Show after being told by Mark Victor Hansen and many other mentors he should have his own TV show. The show originally premiered in local syndication in Chicago, January 2003 on CAN-TV 19 before the existence of YouTube in 2005 and ran for three years with a base audience of over 1 million viewers before launching on the internet in 2010.

Philippe’s media career spans more than three decades with his first published in Sophisticates Black Hair Style Guide back in 1986. Since then he has been a mover and shaker in the areas of self-publishing, multimedia marketing, internet marketing and social media marketing. He is the owner of the SHOCKpublishing Group, Inc., and was featured on CNN’s Financial News as an expert in the industry of ezine publishing and Internet Marketing.

Philippe Matthews is the author of the SHOCKwealth System: Developing the Mindset to Be Rich Before Becoming Rich; How to Make Millions When Thousands Have Been Laid Off featuring Stedman Graham and the SHOCKphilosophy: A Mindset for Massive Manifestation. His books and audio programs have been endorsed by Stedman Graham, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. John F. Demartini, Robert G. Allen and countless more.

An internationally recognized internet marketer, writer, author, TV, radio host and one of the most trusted brands in alternative online media, his in-depth interviews capture the essence of what viewers are looking for in their quest for uncensored “HOW TO” information as well as what interviewees are looking for when sharing their message as well as what sponsors need when delivering a message to their customers.

Philippe Matthews has traveled the road of adversity, only to arrive at personal, professional and spiritual prosperity. It is the fruits of these very experiences that he shares with children and young adults across America and the world through the HOWmovement.

Honored by Mayor Richard M. Daley as a ’Principal for a Day’ in the City of Chicago for three years, Philippe Matthews currently resides in Sacramento, California and enjoys wine tasting, fine cigars, and complimentary spirits!